High-Speed Internet


Fast Track Broadband Internet offers you lightning fast speed and excellent dependability with an “Always-On” connection. Pineland internet service utilizes the same line as your telephone service while allowing you to make phone calls and receive faxes with no interruption of internet service. You can choose your internet speeds based on your needs.

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Acceptable Use Policy

High-Speed Availability

  • Due to high speed demands, high speed Internet is available to fiber customers only.
  • Pineland will make Wireline Broadband Internet Transport (WBIT) available to non-affiliate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under nondiscriminatory rates, terms and conditions.

High-Speed Support- If you have any questions, please contact the Pineland office at:
30 South Rountree Street
Metter, Georgia
Phone: (912) 685-2121
Email: service@pinelandtelco.com

*All service calls resulting from intentional damage or customer equipment will incur a $50 service call fee during regular business hours or $75 for after-hours trips.