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Pineland services are delivered 100% through a fiber optic connection, which is currently the fastest connection available to transmit data.  Our fiber cables are located underground, buried to each individual home or business so that all customers are receiving fiber directly to their door.  Inside of a fiber cable are glass wires as thin as a strand of hair.  Using light, data is transmitted through these wires to its destination.  Prior to fiber, copper line, often referred to as DSL, were used to transmit data. Although they are capable of transmission, their rate is not as fast as fiber.

An application for Pineland services may be completed in person at our Metter or Swainsboro business offices, or online at our website Once your application has been completed, a utility credit check will be performed to determine if a deposit is required. Your upfront costs of installation, and if applicable, membership fee and deposit, will be due before your order for service can be placed.

We always try to schedule your requests for service as quickly as our schedule allows.  If the location you are requesting service at has not had Pineland services before and needs to have our fiber network buried to it, a construction time of 4-6 weeks is expected.  After construction occurs, an appointment to activate your services will be scheduled.  For orders involving construction, we do require an easement be signed by the property owner, which is included in our service application.

During all installations, the account holder or an authorized user age 18 or older must be present.   

Invoices are pro-rated and generated once a month.  The due date for all invoices is the 10th of each month, with a grace period through the 15th to avoid any late charges.  Disconnections for non-payment occur on the 29th of the month.  Any credits or charges that result from an upgrade/downgrade in services during the month will appear on the next billing cycle. 

Payments for Pineland Telephone and Southeast Fire and Burglar customers may made be made with cash, credit card, check, or money order at our two office locations.  After hours drop boxes are also located at each office for your convenience.  Payments may also be made online using a credit card or checking account at our website  Autopay and paperless statements are also available.

You can reach us 800.247.1266 from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  For after-hours assistance, please dial 800.247.2244. Southeast Fire and Burglar customers requiring assistance may call 888.936.FIRE.

You can request to disconnect your services in person or over the phone.  If your services include television, the set top boxes, cords, and remotes must be returned to one of our offices.  If your services include our High Speed Internet and you are renting our router, the router and power cord must be returned.  If a disconnection request is made without the equipment present, your account will be billed for the cost of the equipment until it is returned.

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