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calling features guide

This service lets you know someone else is calling when you are using the telephone.  You will hear a beep tone. If you ignore the first beep, there will be a second one in ten seconds. The party calling you hears only the normal ring.


To answer the second call, press and release the receiver button.  The first call will be put on “hold” and you will be connected to the second call.

To return to the first call, press and release the receiver button again.  You can switch back and forth between the two calls as often as you want.

You can cancel call waiting by dialing “70” before making a call. 

This service lets you transfer your incoming calls to another telephone.


To forward calls dial 72# and listen for the dial tone.

Dial the number that will be accepting your calls. Call Forwarding is in effect when the party answers. If the line is busy or there is no answer, hang up and repeat the first two steps. Wait for confirmation (two beeps). Call Forwarding is now activated.

To cancel Call Forwarding dial 73#. When a confirmation tone of two beeps is received, call forwarding is deactivated.

Note: While your calls are being forwarded, your telephone will briefly ring each time your number is dialed.  You cannot answer the calls, but the ring is a reminder that Call Forwarding is still in effect.  While calls are being forwarded, you can see make outgoing calls.

This service lets you add a third party to your existing conversation without Operator assistance.


Press and release the receiver button to put your call on hold. You will hear a dial tone.

Dial the person’s number. You can talk privately with this person before including the original caller.

To begin a three-way call, press and release the receiver button.  All three parties will be on the line.

To disconnect the third party, press the receiver button.

This is an optional feature for $3.00 which allows you to block certain numbers and types of numbers from calling.

Main Menu:

Dial *95 from your home phone.

The first time you access this service, you will be prompted to choose which language you wish to hear the options in.  After you make your selection, all menus and prompts will be presented in that language. (This is an Optional feature.)


Press 1: To ADD a number to your blocked list.

Press 2: To REMOVE a number from your blocked list.

Press 3: To REMOVE ALL numbers from your blocked list.

Press 4: To ADD a number to your KNOWN list.

Press 5: To change the language of your menu options.

Press 6: To turn the entire service ON.

Press 7: To turn the entire service OFF.

Press 8: To BLOCK calls from Private Callers.

Press 9: To ALLOW calls from Private Callers.


To add the last caller’s number to your blocked list:

Hang up from the call.

Pick up the receiver and dial *96.

Hang up the receiver.

This service gives the subscriber the convenience of recalling the last incoming call.

To retrieve the last incoming call, pick up the hand set and dial *69.

Subscribers who do not wish to have their phone number delivered can use this feature to prevent the phone number from being delivered on a per call basis.

Dial *67 then the phone number intended.  Instead of displaying the calling party’s phone number, the letter “P” or “Private” is displayed.

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