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Making Broadband a Priority

The year 2020 brought more than entertaining memes, toilet paper hoarding, and hand sanitizer shortages to households across our country.  It shined a bright light on an existing problem facing both rural and urban communities.

As companies and schools turned to remote connections to continue their operations, many found themselves lacking the at-home internet access to adjust, particularly children.  Students that already relied on an outside source for broadband to complete homework assignments were left facing a challenge with potential detrimental implications.  Without a doubt, the realization came to light quickly that broadband service must become a priority for American households. 

During and due to the pandemic, the federal government in cooperation with telecommunication providers, developed several programs to assist households struggling to connect.  One such program of temporary assistance is known as the Emergency Broadband Benefit.  The program offers up to a $50 per month discount on internet services until the $3.2 billion in program funding is depleted.  There are multiple ways to qualify, including having a child in the household that receives free/reduced lunch at school.  Eligibility verification and enrollment can be completed at  Pineland is one of the many telecommunication providers participating in this program.  All families with students in Candler or Emanuel county schools may qualify.

For those without a reliable internet connection at home, especially students back in school, Pineland business offices and remote office locations continue to broadcast a FREE Wi-Fi connection.  For all that need to connect, inside or outside our service areas, you are welcome to drive up to one of our 31 office locations and connect to the wireless signal “Connect2PinelandFREE”.  Free Wi-Fi Service is also available in the downtown parks of Metter and Louisville by connecting to the signal “Pineland in the Park”. 

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